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    Application doc

    Post  Sakagami0 on Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:33 am

    Summoner Name: Sakagami0 and Ertyui
    Summoner Level: both lvl 30
    Wins:total 450+, individually 12~, 230~
    ELO: 1198; 1250
    - Premade 3v3: unranked; 1250
    - Solo Queue 5v5: [See ELO]
    - Premade 5v5: unranked; unranked
    Leaves: total around 7
    Main Champions (max 3):Kat, Akali, Ashe (also Solo Cho)

    Additional Comments:
    Why did I sign up even with such low Elo?
    Im trying something new.

    Why do I have 2 accounts?
    Ertyui was my first acc, and I Sakagami0 was to be my try hard acc (except I made friends with this one guy who was actually good, but raged whenever things went downhill that his Elo went to sub 1200. He insisted that I duo with him, which I did as a friend and because I knew he was good, but whenever I lost, I would lose so much Elo hence the 1198).

    Runes: Etyui has a near full set of Akali runes and caster runes.
    Sakagami0 has only Pen runes and mana regen.

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