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    ManaPause's Application

    Post  ManaPause on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:37 am

    Summoner Name: ManaPause
    Name: Dave
    Summoner Level: 30
    Wins: 160 Wins

    ELO: N/A (Haven't played any ranked games yet)
    - Premade 3v3:
    - Solo Queue 5v5:
    - Premade 5v5:

    Leaves: None

    Main Champions (max 3): I've played a bunch of champions, but the last 3 that I've spent a good amount of time on are Akali, Vlad, and Annie.

    Additional Comments:
    I love League of Legends, so much so, that I've bought every single champion with Riot Points (yea, sounds insane, it is Razz). I spend a lot of my free time in-game, trying to better myself as a player.

    This being said, I'm serious about involving myself in competitive scene of LoL. I think the best way get better at the game and gain valuable experience is to join a clan. Not to mention, meeting people with the same interests is pretty awesome too.

    Even though I'm pretty serious about the game, I'm a big supporter of a strong community. Coming out of playing MMO's and FPS's for the majority of my gaming life, I find that community makes up for 50% if not more of the enjoyment out of gaming. What's funner than getting a bunch of friends together and tearing the opposition a new one? Nothing. NOTHING! D:<

    And that's what I'm here for, I'd love to join TMR to both heighten my experience, while also trying my best to heighten someone else's.

    All in all, I'm always trying to improve myself, have fun, and meet new people.

    Thanks for taking the time to review my application, I apologize for making it alot to read, just wanted to be sincere in the application. Hopefully I'll be gaming with you guys really soon.


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