anoobz' application


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    anoobz' application

    Post  anoobz on Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:21 pm

    Summoner Name: anoobz

    Name: Jean-Philippe Raymond

    Summoner Level: 30

    Wins: around 300 and my W/L is over 1

    - Premade 3v3: haven't done any yet
    - Solo Queue 5v5: 1311
    - Premade 5v5: haven't done any yet

    Leaves: 2 due to connection problem

    Main Champions (max 3): amumu, warwick

    Additional Comments:
    I've played galio a bit to while he was free and I was doing really well so I'm proly buying him next, I'm learning to play tristana and ashe too but I prefer playing main tank or jungler if possible. My elo is still low because I only have arounf 75 ranked game played but I think that getting over 1300 in under 100 game plyed is quite good. Finaly I'd like to apologize if my english is not the best because I'm from quebec where most people speak french but I can talk and understand english quite well.

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    Re: anoobz' application

    Post  PerplexD on Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:24 pm

    I like your name xD. You should add Auke in game, the req for elo is 1400 however there are exceptions for those with skill :3

    Junglers and tanks are always nice because people tend to not like to play tanks specificLly.

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