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    Summoner Name : Nubshy
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    Nubshy App.

    Post  Nubshy on Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:49 pm

    Summoner Name: Nubshy
    Name: Joseph
    Summoner Level: 30
    Wins: 201
    ELO: None yet.
    - Premade 3v3: None
    - Solo Queue 5v5: None
    - Premade 5v5: None
    Leaves: 7
    Main Champions (max 3): LeBlanc, Annie, Teemo, AS Sion, And Morgana
    Additional Comments: Im really good with LeB even after post nerf, I have games logged 20/0. 18/0 And a lot of games Where i score in the double digits and single digit deaths. I prefer to play her currently but i can play any of the four toons i listed really well. Im also a competitive gamer, Ive been playing competitively for a while now. Ive attended live events like MLG For Xbox events and ive played RPG Based games like WOW Sense release. Im mainly looking for a good group of people who like to play consistently and have fun doing so. As well as competing in online events.

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