Sickle's Application


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    Summoner Name : Sickle
    Server : NA
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    Sickle's Application

    Post  Sickle on Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:25 am

    Summoner Name: Sickle
    Name: Max A.
    Summoner Level: 30
    Wins: 340+
    - Premade 3v3: 1244 (W:8,L:5)
    - Solo Queue 5v5: 1160 (W:56,L52)
    - Premade 5v5: NA
    Leaves: 5 (dc when I used to have a bad connection)
    Main Champions (max 3): Ryze, Veigar, Kassadin
    Additional Comments:

    I haven't had the opportunity to play with others players who are higher rated, thus I haven't bee able to break out of the 1200 bracket on solo queues. I would appreciate if your clan gave me a chance to show what I can do.

    As additional background experience, I have played competitive arenas in wow up to 2600.

    Catch me in-game or on this thread. Thank you!

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